Bouncing Back After Being Fired

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Dear Nikki,

Do you have any advice on bouncing back after being fired?

New York, USA


Dear Recently Fired,

There are a few things that come to mind to help you bounce back and get back into the workforce.

Do you know why you were fired? If you do, then I'd refer you to any feedback you've received about your performance on that job and make mental notes on corrections needed moving forward.

Update your resume.

Network your A$$ off! ((this is the biggest part of where you should focus!))

Go into your immediate network of people you know, used to work with and for etc. Do you have a LinkedIn account? If not, get one ASAP!  My father taught me early on, it's not always what you know but WHO you know so reach out to folks and see if they know of any opportunities. 

I'm not sure what field you're in but are their networking opportunities in your area that you could join in on?

Don't waste too much time getting comfy on the couch, catching up on the latest day time TV shows. When you're off from work, time seems to fly by so quickly! Be careful of how you're spending your time. Focus on being productive and getting yourself back out there. 

Keep your head up and just move forward. Only look back to make adjustments where necessary. 

You've got this! Good luck,

Nikki Davis

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