How Do You Deal with People Who Don't Want to Help in the Workplace

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Dear Nikki,

I was just wondering how do you deal with people who don't want to help in the workplace, supervisors too. When they have had a person for 42yrs in a system, and she has caused problems for temp workers.

What do you suggest?


Dear Frustrated With The Old Regime!

My current situation mirrors what you're experiencing, so I can definitely relate!  Here are some Do's and Don'ts that I've learned that may be able to help you out of this rut.

Call me crazy but this is a great opportunity for you to shine! You have an outside, new perspective on how things can be different, or so it seems. Maybe you've seen how something - a process or function is broken and it's causing a piece of your frustration that you can at least control.  Here's a place where you can start to think of ways to fix it. 

Take the problems that the older generations may have caused and turn it into a chance for you to solve the problems. Focus your energies on making things more efficient.  Recognize what problems are systematic (caused by the outdated system) or process oriented and think outside the box for ways to make things better.

You'll go from being frustrated to having more of a purpose. Eventually, you'll turn into The Hero if you do it right.

Don't focus on the negative.  

This will mark a bad start to a trend in your career that may end up following you... People who focus so much on what's going wrong get caught up in things like gossip and being unproductive and unprofessional.  That's not what you want to be perceived as. Your work reputation goes with you and sometimes precedes you!  Stay in your lane and focus on things you can control. You can control how things go moving forward, or you can at least you can influence it.

Don't badmouth the people who contributed to the problems to others. Talking bad about folks won't get you anywhere, but it will add to your frustrations. 

The goal is to identify issues that prevent you from getting work done and done well.  Once you've identified those problems, think about solutions.

I feel your pain, but just stay focused here and become an asset by making things better.  Don't harbor on the negative. Make it work in your favor!

You've got this!

Nikki Davis 

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