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Dear Nikki,

I've been in my job for a year and to be honest...I hate it. I hate the career I am in and always find myself becoming bored and frustrated and leaving after a year. I want to make a change but not sure how. I love writing and would love to make it a career. How do I move forward?


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Dear Bored at Work,

Being bored at work is not the biggest problem and one that some wouldn't mind trading you for - to complain about. Of course, we'd love to be challenged in our careers until we get overwhelmed and overworked by the constant state of being challenged and overworked... 

There's not a lot of information to go off of so I have some questions for you. I have way more questions than answers but this may help guide you find the answers for yourself. 

  • Why are you bored?

  • What's frustrating you?

  • Have you learned everything there is to learn on your current role? 

  • Are you challenging yourself in your current role?

  • What are your expectations?

  • Are you looking for a job or a career?

  • Have you asked for more opportunities at your current job?

Diving into any career, you're going to hit spells where you're not going to be challenged. That's a for sure sign that's telling you it's time to start pushing yourself to learn more, learn something new.  Is this just a sign to push yourself? 

If this is just a job to you and you're really not doing what you've set out into the world to do, then yes, it's likely time to move on. Moving on doesn't mean you'll get everything you're looking for right off the bat and it doesn't guarantee that you'll never feel what you're feeling right now. So, don't go into the next position looking to be entertained. You'll be sadly mistaken....

I think you really need to breakdown what the issue is - is it you or is it really not a good fit for you?

Writing is a very broad term. 

What kind of writing do you want to do? Do you already have pieces completed that you've published or have tucked away? Do you want to do freelance writing, work for a publication or you want to become an author? Do you already have a byline? Do you have a blog? 

There's a lot that you can do as a writer without having to quit your day job. Unless you have loads of cash saved up right now to support your writing dreams or you're in a situation where someone else can support you while you write (unless you go into working for a major publication), you may need to wrap your mind around working while writing. Now, if your current job is the job to support your writing aspirations, is what you need to really consider. 

The short answer to your concerns is - look deep into what you're feeling and answer these questions to yourself. 

My mentor in my head, Myleik Teele, pinned the saying "Feelings aren't facts." And that's what I'm passing on to you. Dig deep and get to the FACTS about what you're feeling.  Take your time before you make your next and final decision.  Be strategic.

Good luck!

Nikki Davis 

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