If You’re so Good at Your Job and You’re Still Replaced, Then What?: My Reminder to Prioritize Financial Independence

This incident reminded me that when it comes to a job, no one cares about your qualifications or dedication to the organization. There are rules and procedures to be adhered to, and if you step outside of those, your employer holds the power to end your livelihood in a matter of days—or less.

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Salary Negotiation as a Black Woman in Corporate America

As Black women, we are conditioned to believe that anything we receive beyond the bare minimum is a blessing. We are not taught our true value and are not taught to require that everyone we interact with treat us as though they recognize that value.

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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Negotiate Their Salary

Not enough people negotiate their salary; maybe because it's not explicitly a part of the on-boarding process. Most often, employers don’t mention it, but you can. After following Your Corporate Black Girl, I found confidence in just “asking” for a salary increase.

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