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Back in October of 2018, I wrote a brief post on Facebook about why I agreed with Omarosa’s practice of keeping receipts and why black women especially must always be diligent when it comes to protecting ourselves in the workplace. Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Omarosa and she will never again be invited to the cookout, but the girl had a point! In the cutthroat world of office politics, remember this saying, “the truth will set you free, but receipts are better!” Not to mention most likely save you from a lot of grief. 

To be honest, what Omarosa did is nothing new either to myself or other black women in corporate America. It’s essential in order to protect your personal brand and reputation. 

If you are working for a manager or co-worker you don’t trust, not only document conversations but try as much as possible to keep communications to email and forward such emails to your own personal account. Don’t rely on your memory. Document everything! 

Black women are the most educated group of women in the United States. We are starting businesses left and right and climbing corporate ladders in all industries. 

Sadly, in the same vein, black women are also undervalued, underappreciated, undersupported, and underestimated in the workplace. While we might not get all the recognition we deserve, it always seems like criticism is in abundance. Remember, as quick as they are to give you a job, they can be even quicker when they want to take it from you. 

In order to win and keep sane in a world design to make us insane, black women need to center ourselves unapologetically when it comes to our careers and keeping receipts is very much a part of that.

Jessica Pharm is a young professional, working and navigating the minefield that is the corporate world. She often posts about her experiences including her struggles as a black woman working in predominately white spaces as well provide career advice including interviewing and resume writing skills to those in need. While she has a full-time job, her true passion lies with writing with the goal of eventually moving into publishing full time.

Follow her on Twitter: @JassyPrinciple

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