The 'I' in Team: 5 Ways to Spot Non-Team Players


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  1. The Crisis Test: Whenever there is a crisis, non-team players will be quick to play the blame game. They have a sudden case of verbal diarrhea and will quickly rat out their colleagues rather than concentrate on finding a solution.

  2. Observe Their Behavior When a Senior Colleague or Senior Management Appears: All over a sudden they're busy. Their movement is quick and jumpy, they'll make rounds 'checking in on everyone', and they'll be loud about it. Hold up Susan, didn't you have a Sudoku game you were finishing? Or so now you want to work on that report? And you want to work on it very loudly; I'm sitting right next to you Susan, why are you yelling?

  3. Meetings Become a ‘Notice Me’ Affair: Watch out for people who use meetings to showcase their contributions with the hope of gaining recognition. “Sales are quite low this season 'Speaking of sales, I hope everyone got my memo on our new kitchen rules, I watch out for you guys all the time”' Really Susan? Stick to Sudoku, stick to Sudoku.

  4. Departmental Hunger Games: Non-team players will treat departments outside theirs as outcasts referring to others as 'they' and get a kick out of making other departments look bad in front of senior management. Interdepartmental cooperation is a joke to them and everything is a competition, yes Susan, I felt that shove when you wanted to use the printer first.

  5. Always Negative: Non-team players have no understanding of what positivity is. Everything and anything is a complaint and every situation is close to doomsday. Flexibility is a major task for them and no amount of motivation will make them change their mood.

A lookout for these traits will help you have a better grasp of who is who on your team and help you either sieve out the bad apples or strengthen your team with team-building skills.

Fatima Abdulrazak is a five-year senior practicing accountant, and now and a freelance writer. She blogs with her friend Elizabeth Lymer from across the world. Their blog is Gallant by Grace, and they are women sharing their experiences and observations. She personally loves to engage with women in their professional careers because she has had a tough time establishing herself as an Accountant.

Follow her on Twitter: @abaye_UG

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