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Trailer: Barely Adults

This series was an “eye-opener

I recently saw the web series, Barely Adults and I was very pleased with what this web series depicted --the life of a recent graduate looking for a job almost a year after college. With the hustle and bustle of New York City, this main character is a bright, young black woman that has her dreams in the television business.

The film has a tad bit of comedy that is quenching.

This series was an “eye-opener.” I am a student in college graduating next semester, and for the past six months, I've been thinking about how I would get my foot in the professional working environment. Before watching Barely Adults, I sort of knew that Black men and women go through the hardships of finding a job; but I never for once thought that it could happen to me. I could become the main character, Paige. 

It’s relatable.

The film has a tad bit of comedy that is quenching--yet it still presents a real-life struggle that many recent graduates of universities go through when deciding to look for a job, and specifically, the experiences of women of color in the workplace.

Without explaining the details of this web series because I, myself believe you should head over to their website and view the damn thing, I loved the professional feel and sound of the series.


One of the best things about this web series is that it is so relatable. There are moments when women of color are at work, and we experience many awkward moments of trying to be a great asset to the team and doing everything we can to impress our superiors but end up not feeling like we are wanted or needed. Barely Adults could make you think deeply about African American women in the workplace and the workplace environment.


I enjoyed the “book smart” versus “street smart” persona incorporated in the series. There are some men and women go through life not understanding the two smarts, which is a reality in society.

Overall, this is a great web series that is not too long but captures many important moments that feel natural. It is a mix of comedy, drama, fiction, nonfiction, and story-telling.  

This web series if for you.

Seun Adeniji is currently a 3rd year Communications major residing in Baltimore, Maryland. 


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