Should I Quit an Internship I Don't Like?


Dear Nikki, 

Would you quit an internship that you don't like? I feel it's easier to leave a job than it is to quit an internship.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Before I approach this topic, let's breakdown the different levels to employment.  


The Internship.  

An intern is someone who is either a student or trainee who works without pay at times to gain experience.  This role is not vital to the company's operations but is a personal investment into your personal career. 

A skills builder, great for your resume.  This is also a good test to see if you're in the right field.  Be prepared to do the real grunt work here.  You're just getting your foot in the door to learn basic skills.  Make good use of resources provided to you. Learn the job but pay attention to whose making decisions and how things are flowing. 

Learn as much as you can.  Work hard!  Be willing to do more than what's being asked of you. 


The Job.

I would consider someone to be at a job if they're there simply to make ends meet, to get a paycheck. You could easily find a new one because there are no specific skills you need to get said job done. You clock in at 8am and promptly at 5pm, if not a minute before. 

Your intention with a job is to meet your immediate needs and you're not looking too far ahead or you've settled in, relying on the income only.


The Career.

You've met your career once you've invested in things that build your resume over time.  You may not be getting paid the best to start, but it's worth the time investment to put in the grunt work to learn, build your skills and continue to learn new things. 

In a career, you're willing to invest in yourself like getting certifications relevant to the work you do, which solidifies your knowledge base and in turn, builds credibility among your peers & sets you a part from the pack.  

A career is a long term investment in yourself - similar to the intern but you've got more skin in the game. There's more at stake for you once you're in your career. The skills you've acquired are often relevant to certain sectors because they're more specialized to your work history. 

So to address your question, would I quit an internship? My answer would be, no.  You're likely at the start of a new career so now is the time to make sacrifices for your future. The internship is for YOU and YOUR personal growth. 

Don't start a pattern of quitting before you even really get started.

You're supposed to get the most out of experiences like an internship to build the skillset YOU need that will get YOU to the next level.


Unless you're dealing with any form of inexcusable disrespect - suck it up & stick it out. It won't last long. Learn as much as you can and build your resume!

Nikki Davis

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