Two Women at Work Don't Like Each Other, and I'm in the Middle of It

Dear Nikki, 

So I work in an office and two ladies, and they both don't like each other. I share an office with one of them. I have to work with both ladies, and they tend to tell me things about one another. There was a meeting with the project manager (about the situation) that I was not included in, and I heard from one of the ladies (that I don't share an office with) that there was an argument in the meeting between both of them. Later on, the lady that I share an office with told me "your name came up, and I was told that you said that always not in the office." Which was semi-true.

Quick Background: Every time a co-worker asks for my office mate, she's actually never there. And I simply say "She's not here." 

I'm just dreading going to work. I don't talk about people, people just feel comfortable to tell me what they feel, and I feel like I'm in
the middle of it. I feel drained.


Miami, Florida


Office drama is never nice. My best advice is to keep doing what you're doing and stay out of it. Be honest when asked questions but keep your opinions to yourself. 

If you get to a point where you're completely over it, then politely tell these women that you'd prefer to be left out of it. You know they need to vent but it may be better to just deal with whatever issues they have toward each other, with each other. Going to you with their issues about each other will never resolve the bigger issues they have with each other and they either need to learn to live with their issues or move on.

Take yourself out of it!

Good luck

Nikki Davis

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