Should I Keep It Simple for the Interview or Show Them Who They’ll Be Getting 💯%?

Dear Nikki, 

I’m new to the city and looking for employment in corporate America again, but I’m wondering if my new red specs are too much for Interviews? Should I keep it simple for the interview or show them who they’ll be getting 💯%?

Texas, USA 


Although I'm a fan of being yourself, for interviews I tend to favor the stance of keeping it simple for the interview and once you land the job, show more of your personality through your personal style. I don't think red frames are too flashy, but depending on the role you're interviewing for, you may draw more attention to you and not your skills. 

Get the job first and then bring in those red frames! 

Nikki Davis


Your curly girl manager, just trying to live her happiest life! 

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