I Feel That Saying No to Social Invites Can Affect My Work Relationships

Dear Nikki, 

How important is being active in work social events (happy hours, going to get lunch as a group, etc.)? 

I like to come in and do my job but feel that saying no to social invites can affect my work relationships.

Washington, DC 


In general, I think that interacting off the desk is important when you work closely in a team setting, and you're looking to create a good rapport. This can be done within the confines of your company walls and doesn't require that you go to a group happy hour.

Prioritizing and interacting in social settings outside of work can also depend on you and your personal goals for your career. This can be viewed as crucial if you're seeking to advance and things like happy hours are a part of the overall company culture. It depends on the company atmosphere and if going to these functions and "rubbing elbows" will make things better for you and your goals. If you do decide to join in, limit yourself to only 1 or 2 drinks max! There's nothing worse than someone who can't hold their liquor. Know your limits. You can even give yourself a time limit that you plan on sticking to and leave by a certain time. Showing your face, saying "Hi" to a few key people can still make your mark without having to fully commit to hours chumming it up with your coworkers.

Be genuine in all things you do at work. If going to these functions is not something you're interested in, but want to still show that you're approachable, that's perfectly fine too! Let your attitude at work speak for itself. Engage with your coworkers while at work and be sincere and be comfortable with not having to attend!

Nikki Davis


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