I Love My Job, But It's Hard Commuting There

Dear Nikki, I love my job but the only problem is that I use public transportation to get there. When I mean public transportation, I mean that it is not stable. I’ve talked to my boss about it but he still wants me to be at work on time. I feel like I have been giving him the same story about how my arrival times are not consistent. I leave the house at 7 am to arrive at 9 am.I take one bus and two Metro trains to get to work. But there are times when stations are closed or when busses just don’t come. I don’t have the money for Uber all the time and I don’t know whether to look for another job or just plead my case about my transportation to work. 

Washington DC


Is your job flexible enough to allow you to change your hours? Can you work from 9.30am to 6.30pm?  Since you really like your job, I would suggest approaching your boss with solutions to the problem and you may have to think outside of the box. Is it possible for you to work from home on days where busses don’t come?

If you approach your boss with issues, also come to the table with ways to resolve it. If your boss isn’t able to work with you, I would approach your Human Resources dept to see what other options are available at your current employer for transportation. They have to be understanding if there are extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from getting to work. If your boss is treating you unfairly because of these circumstances, I would document the instances and escalate to your human resources dept.

The other option you have is to make it happen. Get up earlier and make it a point to get there on time. You can’t control the trains, but you have full control over the efforts you take to get to work on time. If you love this job, make the effort.

Nikki Davis


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