About to Accept an Offer, Any Tips/Knowledge I Should Know?

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Dear Nikki,

I was wondering if you have any tips on negotiating salary especially being a black woman in corporate. Is there any tips/knowledge I should know to do so? I already see there are many articles about women being less likely for negotiation and I’m a lil overwhelmed. I’m currently in the process of potentially accepting an offer so I’d thought I reach out.


Sussex, WI, USA


Negotiating your salary starts with doing your research for the experience you have, the role you'll be in and the market for that role in the region that you're in. 

You can visit sites like Glassdoor or Salary.com to input your information. 

For the negotiation process, you'll likely get an initial offer and then possibly need to counter.  To do this, you'll need to be able to state the added value they'll be getting by hiring you, i.e. saving the company X amount of dollars to their bottom line and why. You're an expert in (this way) and can save the company by finding efficiencies in X, Y and Z. 

If you're not getting an offer that meets your needs, be a little flexible. You'll want to consider the entire compensation package the company has to offer, like their benefits.  Do they do annual increases? Do they offer performance based bonuses? If so, how often? etc.

Look at the big picture.

If they're way out of your range, keep looking! Don't be afraid to wait on the right offer to come along. If too much time passes without getting the offer you think you're worthy of, then maybe you need to revisit your compensation range and/or area. Are you willing to go to an area that's paying for your talents?

Good luck!!

You've got this 😉

Nikki Davis

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