RESUME WRITING: Being Detailed

Bullet points work. Try reading this excerpt without easily getting bored:

Tutor, Communicated frequently with student to build relationships. Developed a well-planner curriculum to maximize learning and interest. Prepared all class paperwork, activity materials and classroom events. Identified and modified resources to meet student’s diverse needs and integrate concepts into lesson plan. Assisted students with homework and studying for exams. Taught and explained problem-solving strategies. Worked one on one with students in various subjects

A was a lot, right?

The best way to highlight your skills is in short, easy to read bullet points, more importantly, detailed bullet points.


  1. Brainstorm: Start listing accomplishments you have performed at your job.

    • What specific task did you perform?

    • What did you contribute/accomplish?

    • How often did you perform this task?

  2. Try focusing on projects & accomplishments rather than duties.

  3. Start Your Bullets with Power Verbs: Use the appropriate tense. If it’s a current position, use present tense such as “analyzing.” If it’s a past position, use past tense verbs such as “analyzed.”

  4. Try to add numbers when possible to measure your performance, but only if you believe that your performance is average, or above average.

  5. Create a detailed sentence that is straight to the point.

Example below:

Hope this helps!