I'm a Fun Upbeat Person, but I'm in a Work Environment That's Dull and Boring


Dear Nikki, 

My job requires long hours and sometimes weekend work, and the people here are very white and aren’t very fun. I can hardly connect with them. I’m a fun, upbeat person. I like to be stress-free and make jokes, but no one here gets black references or has the same humor I have. Since I have to be here all the time, how do I cultivate a vibrant atmosphere for myself in a dull workplace?


Los Angeles, CA 


Do you enjoy the work you're doing? If so, pop some headphones in and focus on the work. The workplace environment may be crucial for your survival at work, but it's not necessary and it's not why you're there...

You were hired to do the job. Not the make friends! So, if you enjoy the work and can see yourself growing there, then find a way to make it work. Find a good podcast to listen to that feeds your spirit! Listen to some inspirational music to help you get through the workday. 

If you really want to be able to express your personality at work and if this particular job doesn't let you do that, this may not be the company for you. There is such a thing called a Cultural Fit when looking for jobs. Maybe this company isn't a good cultural fit for you. 

Ideally, you'll want to find a company that fits your needs and allows you to get the job they're paying you to do done. Entering into a job is a contract for the work you're hired to do, but you have to be happy doing it. It's not a requirement that you're happy but it helps. What's most important to you? Some companies pour a lot of energy into their company culture. They may even hire based on candidates being the best cultural fit into their corporate environment. I think you should find a company that fits your personal style as long as it also fits your needs for growth and hits the compensation marks for you as well. Look into the total package in your job search!

Nikki Davis

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