I Was Offered the Promotion, But I Wasn't Paid the Rate


Dear Nikki, so recently I was offered a promotion. I have basically been filling in as the supervisor at my job since they fired the previous one. It’s been about two months now that I was offered the promotion. It’s going on the third pay period and they still have not signed my paperwork that will allow me to get paid for the “promotion”. What should I do? Because I feel like I'm ready to call it quits.  -Paterson, New Jersey

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Paterson, New Jersey

Nikki: These key things (new pay rate, date to expect the increase) are all things that should have been discussed with you when you were given the promotion and listed in your offer letter, which serves as a contract.  Some firms that aren’t as big or may not be as formal may neglect to provide you with the signed copy of your new offer letter.

Email the Head of your HR department (always send an email for backup). If you have an offer letter that you’ve signed, attach a copy of it and gently remind them that you haven’t received a signed copy in return. Ask when the change in official position/title will be in effect, along with the change in pay for your new role.

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