I Got the Job, But I Did Not Get a Follow Up Email


Dear Nikki, I applied for this position and I got the job. I was emailed that the training was in 3 days, but it was on my sister’s wedding day (a Friday). I informed (emailed) my liaison that I would not be able to attend the training. She did not email me back. I also visited her office to let her know why. After that, I’ve never heard from her. She has been dodging my calls and emails. I’ve been calling for a couple months now. Don’t know whether to just forget about it.

Entry Level/Student

Atlanta, Georgia

Nikki: Something may have happened to your liaison, ie she may be out of the office for some reason or is no longer with the firm. Contact the Human Resources department at the firm directly. There should be a main line that you can call and ask for the Head of HR. (go straight to the top).

You’ll want to give this person the complete background of your situation – the position, situation with the training and express that you’re still really excited about the position and would like to see if the training could be rescheduled.

This person should be able to direct you to the right person if they’re not able to answer your questions on the next steps. Get the contact information for the right person to speak with (email/phone). Call first and follow up with an email.

If you’re still not getting a response after this last attempt, then I would move forward on your job search.

Nikki Davis

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