summer 2019 scholarship


You’ve done your part, now let us support you.

Your Corporate Black Girl believes in education and supporting women that want to follow their dreams and place themselves in a successful career path. This scholarship is to provide transportation funds to black college women, including recent graduates that have obtained unpaid internships during the summer. Products found in our Signature Shop (coming soon) contribute to the dollar amount of this gift.  

— Please note that our application will open April 2019, but please take an opportunity to review the application questions. —

Applications submitted before April 2019, will NOT be considered. —



Your Corporate Black Girl is an advocate for diversity in the professional workforce. As a collective, we aim to support our community of black college women who see themselves striving to break color barriers in professional work spaces.

There is no GPA requirement.


  • Black women identified as but not limited to race and ethnicity related to African, Caribbean decent, etc.

  • Female

  • Undergraduate student or a recent graduate

  • Secured unpaid internship

Personal Information
Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
- Mailing Address - Phone Number
- Undergraduate College/University - Undergraduate College City, State, and Country - Major(s)/Minor(s) - Dates Attended - Graduation Date or Expected Graduation Date - Include other (if attended) Colleges/Universities
Unpaid Internship
- Name of the Company/Organization - Name of the Point of Contact - Email Address of the Point of Contact - Phone Number of the Point of Contact - Mailing Address of the Point of Contact - Your Expected Position Title - Internship Responsibilities (if known) - Internship Dates
Is this internship unpaid? *
Will you have a paying job during your time at the internship? *
Please provide - The name of the Employer - The number of hours working per week. - Amount paid per hour/salary Simply enter N/A if answered No.
Transportation Information
Are you required to commute to your internship? *
Does this internship provide travel/transportation stipends/funds? *
- Main Form(s) of Transportation (Car, Train, Shuttle, Bus, Carpool, Uber/Lyft, etc.) - Estimated Daily Cost (Round Trip) - Distance (One-Way) to Internship (mileage) - How many days per week will you be commuting to this internship? - List any other circumstances (optional): If selected, you will be required to provide proof and supporting documentation for transportation costs.
Essay: Please write a 300-word essay about (1) how the company/organization you have been accepted to will help fulfill your career goals and (2) how you would bring diversity into to your internship.
A brief 100-150 word auto-biography about yourself and your career goals.
Submission Guidelines
I release this information to Your Corporate Black Girl, LLC. If selected, Your Corporate Black Girl, LLC will have the right to use my name, photo, and information obtained from my scholarship application to help publicize all Your Corporate Black Girl platforms in the media, including, but not limited to social media, websites, and other digital material. I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to the scholarship award, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in forfeiture of the scholarship. If awarded, I will send my resume, proof of enrollment and/or transcript (unofficial okay), and internship acceptance or offer letter (proof of employment), and proof of transportation distances & costs. I also understand that Your Corporate Black Girl, LLC is not obligated to select me as a recipient of this scholarship.

Only complete applications will be considered.

If there are any questions, please contact: Your Corporate Black Girl -

Scholarship recipient(s) will be selected on the basis of their application and the proof of internship employment for the Summer of 2019, which is required prior to award.