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It all started when…

I was on twitter and wanted to start a twitter rant about my job. I loved my job, but it was the environment, the people. I didn't feel like I belonged, and I felt like work was just another challenge to conquer for the day. 


A year ago I created Your Corporate Black Girl. It was a space for black women all over the world, discussing and talking about their workday--issues and problems they might be facing, and on the other hand expressing their goals and achievements.

I've been doing this project by myself for a year, and I'm starting to realize it's a lot of work. 

To lay the groundwork, 

  • I don't make a profit from this. Well, not yet, still trying to figure out what is tangible to sell. 
  • The ads on this website have only made a profit of $10 since February. 
  • I pay for the monthly site costs and domain name. 
  • I've asked people to voluntarily write blog posts to help gain momentum for viewers and followers.
  • I've created the site graphics and such. 

I'm asking you to join me for how long as you want, three months, six months, or even a year, or even longer to stick beside me. 

You can voluntarily pitch in ideas. I am open to all ideas!  

If you are interested in working with this team, please fill out the form below! Thank you so much for your interest! 



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