Kimberly, a Software Engineer by Day, Content Creator by Night in Lanham, MD

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Your Corporate Black Girl Kimberly

- they call her KPSPARKS -

I was born and currently live in Prince George's County (DMV Standup! lol) but my roots are found in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Growing up, I was super tech savvy and had a strong love for all things creative. From Graphic Design to Fashion to Drawing, I loved expressing myself through different forms of art. I told myself when I was a little girl that I had to be a fashion designer or graphic design when I grew up, But God had other plans in store! Fast forward to my Sophomore year of college, I heard confirmation from God that He wanted me to utilize the technical side of my brain and major in Computer Science. I’ve been blessed with a job as a software engineer at a major consulting firm and combine my love for creativity with my technical background to help influence others to go after their passions as a content creator.

How would you explain your job title to a child?

Hmm, this is a tricky question lol. I would say that I help create how websites look and work by day and create content (videos/photos) on Youtube/Instagram by night. That's a pretty simple explanation, right? lol


Diversity is a concept that is open to interpretation. What does it mean to you?

Diversity means no one is left behind. Regardless of your background, skin color, or income you bring something to the table that others need, so you are super valuable.


What were important steps you had to take in order to be at your current position?

Your Corporate Black Girl Kim

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Consistency has helped me greatly to get where I am at today. While I was in school, I had to consistently study and review concepts in order to excel in my class (computer science was no joke!). When I graduated I had to consistently apply and reach out to the job God placed on my heart to re-apply for after I lost an offer (full video can be found on my youtube channel). As a content creator that works a 9-5, I have to consistently post content and plan to be able to deliver quality content. One verse that has been rooted in my heart is Galatians 6:9 - " Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up ". It is important to rest, but God will honor the work you put in as well.


Do you know the percentage of black women working in your field, if so how much?

According to "WOMEN IN TECH: THE FACT" found at , Black women in tech only hold 3% of the jobs found in the tech field, so crazy!


What challenges have you experienced in the workplace?

To be honest, I constantly have to remind myself that I belong. Standing in a room full of majority Caucasian men can be a little bit intimidating, especially when buzzwords are used so often in the tech world. Each morning I pray to God that He bless me with the same wisdom He blessed Solomon with in 1 Kings and it builds up a confidence in me that is God driven.


What advice do you have for someone first coming into a professional space? It can be more than one.

 "Do everything as though you are doing it onto The Lord" - Colossians 3:23 (I am ministering to myself as I say this lol) 
- Asking for help is not a sign of weakness
- Give it your all and even if you fail, your higher ups will still appreciate your efforts and honor you for that.


What are some fun facts about yourself?

During my free time I loveee watching The Flash & Jane The Virgin, literally love those shows! I also love teaching myself dance moves via Youtube (although I havent done it in a while, lol).


Kim is a Content Creator on Youtube. You can find her on Instagram @kpsparks_ and Twitter @kpsparksEmail: