Favour, an E-discovery Project Assistant in Washington, DC

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Your Corporate Black Girl

I was born and raised for some time in Nigeria. The remainder of my childhood was right here in the nation's capitol. I earned my Bachelors from Howard University, where I studied Clinical Laboratory Sciences. I always thought I'd end up in the sciences but during my matriculation through Howard, I discovered my love for the corporate setting. I appreciated the responsibility of not being micro-managed. I graduated in 2016 with a high paying job in the hospital but I woke up every morning unhappy. I hated my job, I felt stuck and I just knew I was not meant to spend the rest of my life in the basement of a hospital. I stumbled across temporary staffing agencies during my career transition and within a week was placed in my first assignment.

How would you explain your job title to a child?

Honestly, the simplest way would be to say, I protect data of over 300 cases for attorneys and I make sure we do not lose the information.

Diversity is a concept that is open to interpretation. What does it mean to you?

Everyone’s career experience or journey is indeed different, but we all share commonalities that when examined highlight the importance of building and fostering meaningful industry communities.
— Favour

Diversity to me is the ability to recognize strengths outside of ethnicity, while building a sustainable system where core values are regarded among colleagues.

What were important steps you had to take in order to be at your current position?

Firstly, when I think about my position I tend to laugh because it was specifically created just for me. Before I had the official position I was a temp employee. For those who don't really know, a temp employee is one who is assigned to a job site temporarily. From the moment I walked in, I was on a mission to get offered a permanent position before my birthday! Crazy? I know. I studied material on YouTube. I took free courses the company offered and I honestly worked smart.

Do you know the percentage of black women working in your field, if so how much?

Yes, a whopping 4 percent!

What challenges have you experienced in the workplace?

Finding my voice in a corporate setting. My first months there were pretty challenging for me. I had the skill set to get the work done but felt outnumbered within boardroom meetings. I actually hid very well until I had to take on a large project and I thought I blew my shot at showcasing my leadership skills. I remember speaking with a co-worker and she shared that I was the topic of conversation at point. I felt defeated for the remainder of the day because I had the power to speak up but I chose not to in that instance. I had a long talk with myself and reminded myself of the skill set I possessed. Now, you cannot just walk around speaking your mind, that's a no no, lol. You have to learn the art of speaking in business settings. YouTube and Forbes magazine were my guiding light as each resource taught me valuable lessons, which eventually propelled me to a permanent position.

What are some things that you love about your job/career? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I love the culture of the firm. The mission and values of the firm align with my personal values. They take care of their employees in a way where you want to go to work. Might I add the benefits are amazing!

Your Corporate Black Girl

What advice would you give someone trying to pursue your career or any related career?

Applying to 100 jobs will not make you a stand out candidate. Before embarking on your career, discover what your current passion and interest are, afterwards, tailor your job search in that direction because it will make the job search easier and enjoyable. You have to commit to showcasing your unique talents 110 percent of the time.

What advice do you have for someone first coming into a professional space? It can be more than one.

Do not allow yourself to get carried away by negative Nancy. There will always be an employee who has been there for a while and may damper your zeal as a fresh employee. Protect your space and more importantly your goal? Ask yourself where you see yourself within the company in a year and challenge yourself. Remember, the art of saying hello, it will take you far and make you memorable.


Favour was a former pageant queen, her favorite food is plantain, and she loves watching Nollywood movies.

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