Your Corporate Black Girl was an idea that stemmed from many Black women's experience transitioning into the corporate world. It is difficult not seeing enough Black women. We exist, bringing diversity and our Black Girl Magic, but we are not recognized as much.  It's like we're invisible sheroes making it happen.

This platform was created to embrace Black women in professional spaces and to allow other Black women to share their professional experiences in a raw and authentic way.


While on Twitter, we've noticed that many Black women shared the same frustrations in the professional work environment. There are understood underlying complexities of being a Black woman, especially in a workspace environment. Many tweets described the personal lives of Black women, which included but were not limited to their struggles, insecurities, and fear of becoming the "token black girl". But also, their achievements, strengths, and proud moments. We wanted to show that being a Black women in a professional work environment is an experience that is unique and it exists. Creating @YourCorpBlkGirl, was a space to share ideas, goals, and experiences in an online space. 


Your Corporate Black Girl Inc is committed to the success of Black women and girls through education, empowerment, and advocacy.

We are a collective dedicated to embracing Black women in corporate spaces. Seeing is believing, and we believe that we need to enhance the presence of Black women through social engagement efforts such as our immediate social networks. Your Corporate Black Girl has the means of educating young Black women to become successful where they are and to be above the walls that prevent us from moving forward. We are a social movement and we want to continue to inspire other Black women.



We are not a career coach organization or a team of therapists. We are a collective that love to blog and be involved in conversations about black life in the professional environment. We believe dialogue is important, and if you believe you need professional help, please contact our partners. Thank you for your support. 


Leading Lady Talk



-our three principles-


We seek to create a culture in which Black women become confident in themselves and knock down the standard for the “right” professional image.


We seek to create a culture in which professional Black women are seen in corporate spaces. #YourCoporateBlackGirl


We seek to inspire others to become professionals and to bring diversity into corporate spaces.